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image    Native to Sacramento, born at Sutter Memorial Hospital in 1942, Sharon Gaye Evans, graduated in Sacramento High School in 1960 and later degreed at Sacramento City College in 1964.

    Sherri's wit and southern charm set her apart from the rest. Her alluring voice and sparkling eyes would later speak of futures yet to be told. Sherri wed at 18 and had her only daughter Suzette in 1961. Sherri successfully continued her modeling career while supporting and raising her daughter as a struggling single mother.

    By 1973, Sherri became well known locally as a leading astrologer, numerologist and psychic clairvoyant providing spiritual readings and counseling. By 1975, Sherri made front page news in the Sacramento Union newspaper for her clairvoyance and working as a medium between this world and the spirit world.

    Opening her own business in 1976, Sherri became an internationally renowned astrologer to people as far away as Ireland and many well-known personalities including Joe Namath and most local celebrities. Sherri has been the subject of many articles in various publications and named in the book "Mind Travelers," as one of the 33 top psychics in the world at the time of publication.

    Licensed Reverend Minister since 1974, Sherri has performed memorable wedding, funeral, baptismal and bar mitzvah ceremonies. Sherri also wrote a weekly astrological column in the Evolving Times Magazine for 15 years.
    From 1982 to 1985, Sherri was the exclusive psychic for KCRA Channel 3 on Finnerty and Company, a local Sacramento television talk show, later becoming Look Who's Talking with Jim Finnerty. Sherri provided entertaining and accurate live psychic readings with the audience and call-in viewers. Sherri was also honored as Best Psychic in the Sacramento News and Review in 1991.

  • Began modeling career and taught at Carmel Modeling School in the 60's
  • 1973 Well known locally as a leading astrologer, numerologist, and psychic clairvoyant
  • 1974 Became a licensed Reverend Minister.
  • 1975 Made front page news in the Sacramento Union Newspaper for her clairvoyance
  • 1976 Opened her own business and became internationally known astrologer as far as Ireland and helped many well known personalities including Joe Namath and most local celebrities
  • Board of Directors for the Robert J. Mathews Foundation for 15 years
    • Help start database for research on Prostate Cancer
  • Member of the Noetic Society
  • Named as one of the top 33 psychics in the world in the book "Mind Travelers"
  • Former Member of Sacramento Chamber of Commerce
  • Winner of Sacramento's News & Review "Best of Sacramento"
  • Star of the hit show "The Psychic You" which appeared on KCRA-TV KFBK and KGNR
  • Part of the Finnerty & Co. Astrology show on KCRA-TV