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Jan 20
March of Dimes


"March of Dimes was built on the foundation of its volunteer support and we extend our most sincere thanks to you for your valuable help in the fight against birth defects. We look forward to the day when all babies are born with the precious gift of perfect health."


~Marlys Haberman

Executive Director



May 4
Arthritis Foundation


"We greatly appreciate your cheerful cooperation and willingness to assist us. It's a pleasure and an asset to have someone of your talent, be a volunteer for our organization."


~Dorthy Haberman

Development Director

Foundation Support

March of Dimes  Arthritis Found



Astrology "consists of a number of belief systems which hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world."

"Astrology dates before written history, and there is evidence of it all around the globe. If the gods lived in heaven, it was natural for priests to look to heaven for signs to what the king had to know to please them."


Readings & Advice

"I am back and ready to help guide you on your path"

~Sherri Bolling

Sherri's ability as a psychic and thoughtful prophet lends lessons to many of life's personal questions.

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